About Christie

Why I Specialize

My life and training have taught me to be sensitive to the needs of others. I became a therapist somewhat later in life and found this work to be my passion. I studied with extraordinary teachers, trained with great mentors and able practitioners. I keep up-to-date with continuing education and I am a better therapist for it.

marriage-family-counselor-el-cerrito-caI was diagnosed with breast cancer quite a few years ago. My treatment was rigorous and dragged on and on. It was a humbling experience.  I felt all the confusion, anxiety, stress, fear and trepidation that most women feel. I was overwhelmed. I had to figure out what I needed and ask for help. I had to make myself a priority. Post treatment, I was immune-system compromised, hairless, emotionally raw, and more exhausted than I thought possible. All of it was new; most of it was very difficult.

I hoped to go back to work in a reasonable period of time. However, it took a very long time for me to regain enough strength, focus, and clarity of mind to return to my therapy practice.

When I did return, I found that what had been a personal, soul-wrenching journey left me opened up in new ways. My perceptions were heightened. I was sensing and feeling more deeply. Mostly, I felt extremely relieved I could be completely present for my clients.

Going through breast cancer left me with an intimate knowledge of it, which I call upon to help others. For many years now, I have specialized in therapy for women affected by breast cancer, and the people who love them.

I offer therapy and support designed specifically for you, because, like mine, your path through treatment and recovery will be unique to you. As it unfolds, I will be there to help you navigate.