Dealing with breast cancer can feel like you are on a roller coaster. You’re in despair one day, and filled with optimism the next. You may want your loved ones around you or want very much to be alone. Certain days you might feel strong and decisive, on others you wish someone else would take the reins. All of this and more may be part of your experience.

I’ve been in private practice since 1995. Later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since recovering from treatment, I have specialized in therapy and support for women affected by breast cancer, and the people who love them. My clients include women of all ages, couples and/or families, friends, caregivers, all trying to cope with cancer in their lives. I also see women with a family history of breast cancer who face uncertainty about their future health.

The therapy is designed for you, whatever you are experiencing. With skill, compassion, and intuition, I create a place where you may:

  • Express the full range of your feelings, thoughts and emotions without worrying about the impact on your family and friends.
  • Find effective ways to cope with your shock, anxiety, fear, stress, confusion, anger, guilt, etc.
  • Explore and resolve thoughts of “why me” or “what did I do to deserve this.”
  • Vent your anger, sadness—rant, rave, sob, and everything in between.
  • Sort through what you want and need from others, and what you don’t.
  • Identify and accept your own needs and let yourself be a priority as you navigate your way through treatment.
  • Make meaning of your experience, what you think and feel about it, how it may influence your perspective, relationships and life.

My style is collaborative and interactive. I take an integrated approach and call upon many theories and techniques as appropriate for you. I will engage with you and together we will explore and address the issues that bring you to therapy.

My office, in Office in El Cerrito, California, provides free parking, and is centrally located near BART and other public transportation.

Marriage and Family Therapist, CA State License #MFC38742